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Zach Bauer is the pastor of Red Door church a plant in 2013, in Sioux Falls, SD. Pastor Zach and his wife Sarah have a three children and a dog named Jack. Zach has been in church ministry for 15+ years. Zach has a heart to see the church thrive in its true purpose and power. Rethink church book follows his journey from jail, to youth ministry and ultimately him planting a church. Readers will discover the lessons learned along the way. This book hopes to encourage and challenge leaders to re-eximne the church in America.

The prevailing American view is that you attend church to worship God and get spiritually fed. It’s similar to a fast food restaurant, but with a spiritual focus. At a restaurant you order whatever you want and it’s delivered to you quickly and conveniently. So you attend the church that provides what best meets your and your family’s needs. Is this really what God had in mind for his church?

As the American Church culture and church leaders we have failed in representing the true purpose and power of the church. This book strives to encourage you to see the true power of the church. 

Let’s rethink church.

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It is time we rethink the way we are doing church in America.

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